SoundLabyrinth is a work focused on the relationship between sound and the body and the sense of meaning or “sacredness” that emerges from that relationship. The centrepiece of the project is an installation which uses ambisonic sound and immersive video projection set within a 6m diameter geodesic dome. As an installation, participants will be able to explore a number of different sound worlds located within the space of the dome. These sound worlds comprise material contributed by Indian and Australian poets,  Nazid Kimmie (Australia/South Africa), Jameela Nishat (India) and Alice Melike Ülgezer (Australia/Turkey), as well as field recordings and sound designs by Mark Pedersen.

You can also submit your own sounds to the SoundLabyrinth.

The following videos provide excerpts of content from the installation, as well as reflections on the nature of sound and sacredness by some of the contributing artists, and a demonstration of some of the technical aspects of the installation.

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