video highlights

if you missed SoundLabyrinth in Melbourne, or if you can’t wait until it arrives in Sydney in June, here’s a little taste of what took place – thanks to the many friends and visitors who contributed comments to the video! … Continue reading

soundlabyrinth in sydney

Next stop is Sydney, where SoundLabyrinth will be making an appearance as part of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts between June 9-11, along with Roger Alsop’s Action A/V. If you are heading to Sydney then, or want to spread … Continue reading


Thanks to all who came along to the launch tonight, and especially to all those who helped out with the install and running things on the night. Melike’s poetry reading inside the dome was a treat and left the audience … Continue reading

surround sound

    The physical structure of the SoundLabyrinth comprises a 6.5m diameter, three frequency geodesic dome frame with a translucent white material cover. Within this frame, a 24.2 channel sound system is installed, along with 4 channel video projection. The … Continue reading

speaker mounting

The Grover-Notting CR-1s used in SoundLabyrinth are primarily designed for studio use. This means they sound great, but it’s not so easy to install them in unusual spaces. In consultation with the CR-1’s designer Frank Hinton, we devised a modular … Continue reading


24 speakers need 24 channels of amplification. Thankfully Joe Malone, of JLM Audio, provides custom-built 8 channel amps designed to work specifically with the Grover Notting CR-1s. Joe’s attention to detail and robust design means that his amps and Frank … Continue reading